Oceanographic Data Bank

The Data Bank contains:
  • temperature data,
  • salinity data,
  • hydrochemical data,
  • meteorology,
  • drifter data,
  • current data,
  • optics data,
  • climate information.
    The MHI Oceanographic Data Base includes more than 190 thousand hydrological and more than 37 thousand hydrochemical stations which were obtained in 1890-2007. It contains all the data for the Black Sea and data which were obtained by Ukrainian organizations for the Word Ocean.
      Black SeaAtlantic OceanMediterranean SeaIndian OceanAzov SeaPacific Ocean
    Hydrologicalstations, Kilo15718122.60.4300.214
    levels, Kilo4 46418505003851.51.2
    Hydrochemicalstations, Kilo3020.67040.0400.030
    levels, Kilo2271206790.10.6

    Distribution of the data for the Black Sea

    Count of oceanographic stations on squares for the Black Sea
    Distribution of hydrochemical
    stations on years and months

    Exploration of the World Ocean by the MHI
    research vessels

    Drifter data
    The database of Drifters includes more than 13 thousand profiles of temperature (about 167 thousand levels), which were obtained in 2004 - 2007 and about 111 thousand measurements of surface temperature, which were made in 2001-2007.
    Distribution of hydrographic
    stations on years and months

    Current data

    The database of Currents contains data got in cruises of "Mikhail Lomonosov" (600 buoy stations, 4357 levels) and "Akademik Vernadskyi" (418 buoy stations, 3524 levels), other research vessels of MHI and the data from the oceanographic platform in Katsiveli ( about 37 thousand records).

    Climatic information

    Climatic information is represented as climatic atlas of the Black Sea. It’s consists of 5 sections (temperature, salinity, density, heat storage and dynamic height ) and includes 444 climatic maps.