Quality Control


Based on the IODE recomendations (Download manual) the schema and software of oceanographic data quality control were developed in the Marine Hydrophisical Institute.(Download document)

The First Version of Quality control software (EasyQC V1.0) supports ODV and MEDAR/MEDATLAS formats and uses quality flag scale specified by L201 SEADATANET Vocabulary

EasyQC software makes the following checks for metadata:

  • duplicate cruises and profiles check;
  • data and chronology check;
  • ship velocity check;
  • location check;
  • sea depth check;
  • observation depth check.

  • Data quadlity control includes

  • climatic check;
  • spikes check;
  • density inversion check for hydrological data.

  • The current version of the software - EasyQC V 1.01 beta - test mode (from November the first, 2011)