Brief history


Marine Hydrophysical Institute began to work on creating oceanographic databases that were consistent with the current standards in the 1980s. Since 1988, all the results of the MHI own expeditionary research has been formed on magnetic carriers as cruise databases. In the early 1990s, the Data Bank Laboratory was formed in MHI.

Since 1993, MHI BOD had been operating within the Department of marine information systems and technologies (the Department of marine environmental information technologies in 2006–2014).

Among the main directions of scientific research there were:

  • Development and creation of information systems and technologies of oceanographic data collection, transfer, storage, analysis and propagation among users
  • Development and creation of complex and specialized oceanographic data computer bases and banks
  • Development and creation of complex and specialized computer atlases of the marine environment state and analyzing, on their basis, global changes of the marine environmental parameters.
  • to improve the mechanism of the international data exchange and to train qualified specialists in the field of oceanographic data management.

MHI BOD had been taking an active part in the programme "International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange" (IODE) of the "Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission" (IOC) of UNESCO since 1993 when the Designated National Agency (DNA) of Ukraine was established on its basis. In April 2013, in accordance to the IODE's recommendations, DNA was reformed into the National Oceanographic Data Centre (NODC) on physical oceanography, hydrochemistry, and satellite data. As such, MHI BOD was operating in 2013–2014.
In 1993–2014, MHI BOD was involved in a number of international projects under the aegis of IODE, EU, CRDF, etc. (for more information see International Projects Section).
At present, MHI BOD continues its activity within the Oceanography department of Marine Hydrophysical Institute of RAS.

The vital tasks of MHI BOD's activities still are:

  • Archeology and rescue of oceanographic data
  • Data quality check
  • Improving the software
  • Creating information products
  • Providing users with oceanographic data and information
  • Participation in data exchange and in national and international informational projects.

MHI BOD was headed by Vladimir Vladimirov (1991–1997), Alexander Suvorov (1997–2003), and Alexey Khaliulin (2003–2017).

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