International projects of BOD of MHI


The EMODnet Chemistry project and portal development started with a pilot phase from 2009 to 2012 as a "proof of concept" with limited spatial coverage (Black, North and some spots of Mediterranean Sea) The second phase of EMODnet Chemistry (2013 to 2016) was aimed at expanding spatial coverage (Black Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea Atlantic coast) and range of chemical parameters The third phase started in March 2017 and aims at extending and updating the data collections and data products for eutrophication and contaminants, including the Barents Sea, and enlarging the focus to gather and develop data products also for Marine Litter.

The SeaDataNet 2 project(2011-2015) aims to upgrade the present SeaDataNet infrastructure into an operationally robust and state-of-the-art Pan-European infrastructure for providing up-to-date and high quality access to ocean and marine metadata, data and data products by : setting, adopting and promoting common data management standards and realizing technical and semantic interoperability with other relevant data management systems and initiatives on behalf of science, environmental management, policy making, and economy

PERSEUS(2012-2016) is a policy-oriented marine environmental research in the southern european seas

The project aim is to strengthen capacities of Georgia, Russian Federation abd Ukraine for biological and chemical monitoring of water quality in the Black Sea, in line with EU marine environment legislation (Marine Strategy Framework Directive).

The UP-GRADE BS-SCENE project is an FP7 EU funded project running from 2009-2011 that is building and extending the existing research infrastructure (developed under FP6 project BlackSeaScene 1) with an additional 19 marine environmental institutes/organizations from the 6 Black Sea countries.

This project is supported by the European Commission DG RTD as part of the 6th Framework programme as a Research Infrastructures Coordination Action.

The SeaDataNet project (2006-2011) is constructing a standardized distributed system for managing the large and diverse data sets collected by the oceanographic fleets and the new automatic observation systems.

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